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The Danger

In today’s technology-driven world in which wireless technology – cellphones, laptop computers, routers, baby monitors – is inescapable, there’s growing scientific recognition of its threat to your health. The culprit is the radiation emitted by wireless derives which harms the human body. Classified as a carcinogen by the World Health Organization, wireless radiation is an insidious menace to everyone’s wellbeing.

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The Solution

As its name suggests, Wifi Clean offers a safe, biologically friendly, healthier environment while letting you use your wireless technology with peace of mind. Wifi Clean provides an exclusive, state-of-the-art system that neutralizes the harmful effects of radio frequencies, also known as electromagnetic radiation (EMR), present in your home, office, business or school. Little surprise major telecommunication companies don’t want you to know how mean EMR is to your body, undermining your health.

How it Works
The Benefits

Wifi Clean makes places with wireless technology – residential, commercial, industrial, athletic, educational environments – healthier. Wifi Clean’s system helps prevent, mitigate and improve many ailments and conditions. Using it shows your family and friends you care about their wellbeing. Likewise, for businesses, having the Wifi Clean system will gain approval from employees and customers, generating goodwill, contributing to their positive perception of your business or organization. It makes your brand more progressive and gives you a competitive advantage. It also enhances human performance, helping athletes, workers, drivers and others to achieve better results.

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Taking Root

Wifi Clean’s system has struck a chord with health-conscious people. In a relatively short period of time, it has attracted many residential, commercial and institutional clients in the Greater Toronto Area. These include schools, major condo developments, cafés, restaurants and other businesses.

The Next Step

Contact us to arrange for one of our certified Wifi Clean experts to come to your home, school or place of work to conduct an analysis. We will identify the sources and measure the level of harmful radiation to which you and others are being exposed. Based on this assessment, we will then recommend a course of action to mitigate the danger and risk to your health. Wifi Clean can retrofit or custom-build to meet your needs. The whole process can be done in as little as a few hours.

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