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Who We Are

Based in Toronto, Wifi Clean is an independent Canadian company that provides solutions for the health risk of exposure to wireless technology. Founded in 2017, it offers its exclusive service to residential, commercial, industrial, educational and other institutional clients.

Our Team

Co-Founders Kristoffer Guajala and Armando Scarlato Jr. are the driving force behind Wifi Clean. Their shared vision, forward thinking and passion transformed an idea into a successful reality. Today, they are both tireless advocates of clean, safe wireless technologies. Their commitment to the growth of Wifi Clean is based on their ethical values of respect for the environment, health and wellness. Both are born and raised in Toronto where they have established Wifi Clean. For more on Kristoffer and Amando, click below.

Team Bios
Our Mission

Wifi Clean is helping lead the way toward clean, safe wireless technologies by providing solutions to the many health risks of current wireless technology. Raising awareness of the silent, invisible danger to the human body from radiation emitted by everyday devices is the first step. We then help people protect themselves by making their homes, offices and other places they frequent greener, cleaner and biologically-friendly.

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Clients & Partners

Wifi Clean has established an excellent working relationship with diverse businesses in the Toronto region.

  • The Goodson Restaurant
  • Wayward Lounge
  • Sorelle and Co.
  • 25/7 Fitness Studio
  • Private Schools
  • Clinique de Mode
  • Stephen Andrew Collection
  • Tmrw Tday
  • naO Portland
  • Qubix Canada

Wifi Clean is proud that many prominent figures from professional sports, the entertainment field and the business world have adopted our products to contribute to making their lives healthier. We are now preparing an ambassador program and invite you to participate. Become a Wifi Clean Brand Ambassador today!

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