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Wireless Technology Health Risks

There’s a litany of harmful effects associated with radiation emitted by wireless technology. According to independent medical analysis and scientific studies (click here), radio frequencies, also known as electromagnetic radiation (EMR), present in your home, office, business or school, can contribute to multiple health disorders. See list below.

Did you know?

Disturbingly, wireless devices are not the only source of radiation. It also emanates from many hardwired appliances or children’s gaming consoles (X-Box, Bluetooth), for example, and can aggravate or provoke any of the following health issues.

  • Cancer
  • Tumours
  • DNA breakdown (genetic effects)
  • Cardiovascular disorders
  • Hormonal disturbance
  • Sleep disorders
  • Metabolic defects
  • Mental health issues (depression)
  • Impaired learning (ADHD)
  • Reduced or low fertility
  • Nervous system disorders
  • Blood brain barrier permeability

As if that isn’t disconcerting enough, as previously stated, even hardwired appliances emit radiation. As such, Wifi Clean also helps counter the sinister effects of everyday plugged in machines and devices such as TVs, microwaves, fridges, blow-dryers and game consoles.