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What is the Wifi Clean system?

Our famous Wifi Clean system neutralizes the effects of electromagnetic radiation, transforming any residential, commercial or industrial environment into a biologically friendly setting. With emphasis on wireless technologies, every system is uniquely designed and custom built. 

Where It Can Be Used

Everywhere that uses/emits wireless technology.

Homes, offices, schools, hotels, airports, restaurants, coffee shops, sports facilities, factories etc.

Can also be set up in a temporary manner for events.

Who It’s For

Family, employees, customers, friends, students, teachers, athletes. In a word, everyone.

Appeals especially to those who strive for a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Why It’s Needed

Man-made electromagnetic radiation (EMR) causes harmful effects to people’s health

Our bodies don’t have a natural defense mechanism against EMR

EMR doesn’t adapt itself to the human body, causing internal structural conflicts, affecting the DNA’s molecular structure and creating abnormal cellular mutations

World Health Organization has classified radiation emitted by wireless devices as a Class 2B carcinogen

Especially dangerous are the high-frequency components of a radio frequencies, which form and transmit signals by mobile phones and other similar sources of radiation such as Wifi, televisions, microwave ovens, fridges, blow dryers, home security systems, etc.

EHS symptoms, headaches, chronic fatigue syndrome, insomnia, increased stress, anxiety, reproductive problems, poor digestion, immunity disorders, cancer, leukemia, autism.

How It Works

Wifi Clean system is based on the patented AT Microprocessor designed by AA Inc. that effectively restructures electromagnetic fields generated by electronic devices. It digitally modifies a “chaotic” electromagnetic field into a “coherent” wave form, matching the exact electromagnetic field of the human body. This allows your body to operate optimally without interference from external manmade electromagnetic radiation. The Wifi Clean system can be a permanent or mobile option that can be customized to meet an individual’s needs.

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